Friday, November 6, 2015

“We Love Family Caregivers” Wordfind

November is National Family Caregivers Month
This is a great time to express our appreciation to friends and family who provide care for loved ones who are living with chronic illness and disabilities.
This month’s puzzle contains the names of 16 things we can offer the caregivers we know. Click here to print the puzzle.
Need a little help? Click here for the solution.
Practical Ways to Help
Telling our caregiver friends how much we respect what they do is only the beginning. They could also use our help! On top of the wish list for most caregivers is time! Could you offer a few hours, maybe even a few hours a week, to stay with their loved one to allow the caregiver some respite time? How about help with cooking, cleaning, yard work? Could you provide transportation so their loved one can go on outings? What about advocacy? Tell everyone you know—and your lawmakers—about the importance of services that support family caregivers as they provide the quality care that is worth upwards of $450 billion per year to our long-term care system.
The best way to find out what a caregiver needs? Ask!

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