Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Perfect Family Circle, LLC - About Us

Hello, my name is Brett Summerville. I live in Medford Lakes with my wife Jen and our two children. If you've never been to our town before you are missing out because it's one of the best communities in the entire country! 

After working for large corporations in the IT industry for over two decades my wife and I decided that we would make a change that would lead us down a path of doing something that really matters to us. We are thankful every day that we chose to make that change and start a Home Health and Personal Care Services firm. It's been the most challenging thing we've ever done, but certainly the most rewarding.

For us there really is no greater endeavor in life than helping people when they can't help themselves. I'm not talking about luxury services. I'm talking about critical services that help people live a more dignified life like being able to live independently in their home without having to go into a nursing home or an assisted living facility.

We started A Perfect Family Circle, LLC (APFC) in response to the increasing need for dependable, high quality, comprehensive programs of care and services for the elderly and people with disabilities. Our company is owned and managed by us. Our mission since the beginning has been very simple. We provide the kind of care that we would give to our own family members. In order to do that, we first needed to build a family of caregivers that feel the same way we do. We don't provide typical personnel staffing services like others in our industry whose only concern is to match a caregiver with a client and receive a referral fee. As the owners of the business, we are active participants in every aspect of a client’s plan of care and take every step necessary to ensure that our clients are happy, safe and secure.

Please visit us at or call us at +1.855.523.APFC to learn more about our services. 

We hope that you will ultimately become part of the APFC family and it's our promise that you will never regret it!


Jen and Brett Summerville


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